Bull's-eye Alignment Services - Machine alignment

Machine alignment is the precise placement and setting of machinery and related components to ensure maximum performance, increased running speeds, reduced wear and vibration, minimum maintenance and long life expectancies.

Bull's-eye Alignment Services has the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide reliable, accurate results. We have many repeat customers and over 25 years of experience.

Services include:

  • high order 3-D positioning
  • industrial metrology
  • shaft alignments
  • sole plate positioning and leveling
  • settlement monitoring
  • deformation surveys
  • earth works surveys and volumes
  • first order level loops
  • pre-pour bolt and imbed positioning
  • as built/reverse engineering surveys
  • bearing pedestal installations
  • machine component positioning
  • control surveys for large scale construction projects including
    • high rise buildings
    • prefabricated structures
    • bridge control for approaches, abutments and piers
  Pulp and paper industry:

  • headbox installations
  • fourdrinier table leveling
  • wet end components, breast, couch and wire return rolls
  • complete press section roll alignments
  • nip measurements
  • mount hope rolls
  • drier roll alignments
  • calender and winder alignments
  • bale press and conveyors
  • truck dumpers
  • chip handing systems

Contact Ron Johns at:

250-658-9518 office
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